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Roaring Brook Campground Co-Operative

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is a Cooperative Campground?

A - It is a form of real estate ownership. Campers own a property and share in the responsibility of its maintenance. Each shareholder has a voting right and receives a proprietary lease granting exclusive use of the campsite they purchased.

Q - What does the purchaser of a site own?

A - Every buyer owns a part of the entire Roaring Brook Campground Association and granted a permanent proprietary lease to your campsite. You own your campsite just like any other property,  until you decide to transfer or sell it.

Q - What services does the cooperative provide?

A - The cooperative budget provides for campground infrastructure maintenance including  supply of water, electric and septic service to all of the campsites and common buildings. We  maintain all of the recreational areas, cut the grass, provide on site garbage disposal and insure you will have a carefree adventure at Roaring Brook Campground.

Q - Are there any other fees in addition to the purchase price?
A - There is an annual maintenance fee, shared equally amongst all of the owners. The town of Stafford Springs sends a personal property tax bill for the camper, attached rooms and sheds. You are not individually taxed on the value of your campsite or share ownership. The annual budget is set and voted on by the owners of Roaring Brook Campground.
Q - Do you have rental sites and minimum stay requirements?
A - Roaring Brook Campground is very popular and rental sites are extremely limited, it's best to call the office 860-684-7086 for availability. The minimum stay is one week, but you're welcome to stay a month or the entire season. Even better, why not own your own site.
Q - What is the camping season?
A - Officially from April 15 to October 15. Campsite owners are welcome to visit during the off season for hiking, cross country skiing or just enjoying the peace of the natural surroundings. 
Q - Is the campground gated?
A - Yes. The entrance has an electronically controlled gate that uses a magnetic card for entry.
Q - Is there a restaurant at Roaring Brook
A - Yes, Ye Olde Country Kitchen prepares homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus our Country Store sells an array of snacks, ice and all the basic supplies you would expect.
Q - I know it's nature, but do you have Wi-Fi?
A - Yes, Roaring Brook offers free wireless internet, available in the recreational hall. In addition to the underground utilities at each site, cable has been installed and additional services such as TV, Phone and Internet are available from the local service provider.
Q - Roaring Brook Campground sounds awesome how can I get a site?
A - For ownership or rental information, just call our office 860-684-7086 or email us.
Call Roaring Brook Campground Today  -  860-684-7086

Welcome to Roaring Brook Cooperative Campground - Family Camping at it's Finest!


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